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Audiences aren't fools - their judgement really is important. And the true heroes of films are the investors. They take the risk, after all. ---->>>

To be successful at anything, you need the right to fail, not just occasionally. ---->>>

As a director, my job is to protect. I protect scripts, actors, cameramen, designers. ---->>>

I want my films to get audiences. I am not interested in making them just for myself. ---->>>

I've always found poverty a source of strength. ---->>>

It never crossed my mind to make a film about Muhammad Ali or the Queen or any of them! They just come out of the blue. ---->>>

Truth is quite constricting, in a way. You endlessly see at the start of a film 'This is a true story'. ---->>>

I teach film directing, inasmuch as you can. It's not really possible to teach film direction, but I sit there as a sort of testimony of experience and know-how, I suppose. ---->>>

I like a lot of takes. I just go on until the actors get it right. ---->>>

The only way you can learn about making films is by making them, by putting your stamp on the thing. ---->>>

When I go and teach, it sort of opens me up in some way. And when you're open, you're more receptive. ---->>>

I like making films about different cultures. I'm interested in things that I've never encountered before. I try to put myself in the audience's position. ---->>>

I never thought I was very good at developing material. I grew up at the BBC where they sent you scripts. ---->>>

I'm Jewish; I'm not religious at all, and I wouldn't pretend to know anything about Catholic politics. ---->>>

I have people around me. I have a semi-permanent crew. If I make a film, they just turn up. They don't even invite themselves. They don't ask if they can come - they just turn up! ---->>>

I remember reading the script for 'Dangerous Liaisons' and thinking that I could quite happily spend the rest of my life watching this film; the story and the writing were so wonderful. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 06-20, 1941
Birthplace: Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Occupation: Director

Stephen Arthur Frears (born 20 June 1941) is an English film director. Frears has directed British films since the 1980s including My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, High Fidelity, The Queen, Philomena and Florence Foster Jenkins. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Director for The Grifters and The Queen (wikipedia)