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As a father of four, I want our children to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that are the fruit of progressive values. ---->>>

My father was a veteran and my mother a schoolteacher. They taught me the value of a good job and an honest day's work. ---->>>

I gave Mitt Romney some donations for his campaign because he was a friend, and friendship came first. I've always been a Democrat, and I've had different views than Mitt Romney. I'm not Mitt Romney, and I think people will realize that when they meet me out there. ---->>>

I've probably done more venture capital deals and expansion financings than I have done private equity deals. But both are the same. Private equity companies have also built jobs. ---->>>

A lot of NBA owners sit at the midcourt. But we love being under the basket and seeing the players. ---->>>

Boston and America is really resilient. ---->>>

Boston is really a small town, and the pro sports here are almost like a college sport. ---->>>

I love Indian food. London also has great Indian food. ---->>>

I think we have to look at the whole way campaigns are financed. The No. 1 problem is PAC and special-interest money. ---->>>

I was an international tax specialist. Yeah, I was an international man of mystery and tax specialist. ---->>>

I'm a Democrat, and I think people who meet me will realize I'm a Democrat. I have progressive Democratic values. ---->>>

Instead of being a teacher, I got a job with a company called Bain & Co., consulting firm, and they taught me how to build businesses. ---->>>

Jobs have to be created on the ground, one at a time. This requires detailed plans and specific policies. ---->>>

My favorite foods are things that aren't great to eat, like pizza. ---->>>

My grandfather was a shoemaker who worked in a shoe factory. ---->>>

Part of America is we've always had people that can get things done. ---->>>

To me it's incontrovertible that investment in people, investment in business, creates jobs; they don't destroy jobs. ---->>>

We need someone in Washington who knows how to build jobs from the ground up. ---->>>

Hyperbole has been part of elections since the days of John Adams, and there's nobody better than Joe Biden to give us a little hyperbole, as we all know. ---->>>

I think business, government and unions have to work together, and the common enemies to the global economy. We're being beaten by the global economy, and we've got to unite together to win. ---->>>

I was going to get a degree in economics and be a teacher. But I couldn't afford to pay for the education. So I just got the MBA and not the doctorate. I loved it at Bain, and I've been there ever since. ---->>>

I'm not for a temporary war tax. We're putting actual dollars in one way or the other, and so if we're gonna look at taxes, we ought to look at a comprehensive tax reform policy. ---->>>

I've made it clear that I'm not taking special interest PAC money or accepting donations from lobbyists - ever. I want to represent the interests of the citizens. ---->>>

One place I haven't made it to - mainly because it's so far away - is Australia, so I'd love to go there. I've heard great things about Australia and New Zealand. ---->>>

The whole tax code should be looked at, all the way from farm subsidies to carried interest to - to corporate loopholes, because we really need to raise more revenue. ---->>>

We really wake up every day trying to build businesses. That is the goal of private equity. It's a misnomer out there that private equity profits by shrinking companies. In fact, it's just the opposite. Private equity creates value by growing great companies. ---->>>

What I like about Bain Capital is that we have Republicans, we have Democrats, we have independents; we are a diverse firm in terms of political views. But what we do is we sit down and we try to solve the problems. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-16, 1955
Occupation: Businessman

Stephen Pagliuca (born January 16, 1955) is an American private equity investor, co-chairman of Bain Capital, and co-owner of the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).(wikipedia)