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Never give up on something you believe in. ---->>>

If you don't agree, present what you think is a better way. ---->>>

No oyster in the world tastes as good as a Gulf oyster. ---->>>

My theory has always been, if you take care of your business today, take care of the job you have at hand, whatever else comes down the road will be there for you. ---->>>

If Republicans are going in the wrong direction, I am still willing to stand up against them. ---->>>

I like the House. The House is where you can effect the most change. It's such a fast-moving dynamic body compared to the Senate. ---->>>

I've always been a conservative first. ---->>>

Next to the Bible, I think the Constitution is the most important document ever written. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-06, 1965
Occupation: Politician