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I was a loser, a bad kid, I wasn't really into anything, and then someone gave me a camera and I found that this was the thing I wanted to do. ---->>>

I like to show subjects inside a sealed veneer. There's a sense that you can't get in. ---->>>

I was digging in the backyard to get my own clay and making pottery. And then I started taking pictures and built my own darkroom. I would go out at six in the morning and just take pictures. ---->>>

I don't see men or women as my sexual objects. I keep myself out of that equation. ---->>>

I like what's obscure. ---->>>

I think what happens is that you do the project first, then you think about what it's about. Years later, you figure out why you've done things. ---->>>

Men work on their bodies. They want to be looked at. ---->>>

I didn't do so well in the academic world, so I think the only way I could express myself was through visual art - anything I could get my hands on, whether it was glassblowing, sculpture, painting, or photography. I always wanted to be a painter. Or a farmer. ---->>>

The funny thing is that I almost find it more difficult now to take a still picture than to be behind a moving camera. I'm just so much more inspired and comfortable and confident when I have that whole operation going. I feel more connected. Snapping a moment doesn't seem relevant to me anymore. ---->>>

There was a mental institution near my house, and I would donate time teaching mentally ill patients how to do ceramics. I photographed them as well. So those were my first pictures. ---->>>


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Nationality: American
Born: 04-30, 1965
Occupation: Photographer

Steven Klein (born April 30, 1965) is an American photographer. He is based in New York City.(wikipedia)