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He was driven by the idea that when Milosevic grabs a part of Bosnia, Croatia should get a piece of it, too. ---->>>

Croatia did not want Europe to be divided as to the start of Croatia's EU entry talks. ---->>>

The global response to global terrorism must not endanger fundamental human rights and freedoms. ---->>>

We are three countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia - countries that are now in transition and must cooperate with each other, because our economies depend on each other. ---->>>

The army did what Milosevic's regime asked of it, which was to create a 'Greater Serbia'. ---->>>

I think we can find a formula that would be to everyone's satisfaction, which would make it possible for Croatia to take some more steps and for Europe to accept us into its midst, and for the talks to start. ---->>>


Born: 12-24, 1934
Occupation: Statesman