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I never read 'The Cinderella Complex' - I'm too afraid that my name might be in it. ---->>>

I'll never throw away my blue jeans. ---->>>

When you're the only girl in a family of men, you have to be pretty sassy. ---->>>

Having to go through an intervention and family counseling is a wonderful experience. I would almost recommend it to anybody. It opens a lot of communication, and it opens old sores, but once it is opened and hashed out, the rewards are far greater. ---->>>

I am still in touch with my Secret Service agents, most of whom are retired now. They really get to be your friends. They watched me grow up, and most of them had little kids, so I was kind of giving them a warm-up of what was coming. ---->>>

Camp David is a wonderful place for the family to get away and run around and do goofy things. ---->>>

I'd love to sit down with Barbara Walters. She's always asking people about their personal lives. I'd like to see how she likes it. ---->>>

I'm not sure I ever would write a memoir. ---->>>

My husband is a Democrat, and I am a Republican, so our political ambitions are on opposite ends. ---->>>

Eventually, I want to finish my degree. ---->>>

I am criticized for getting jobs because of my name, but I only use it when I have to. ---->>>

I date guys who are five, 10, 15 years older than I am. ---->>>

I moved out eventually of the White House and moved into a townhouse with a group of girls while I was in college. ---->>>

My mother and I are very close; I guess you would call us 'best friends.' ---->>>

We all do make foolish mistakes. ---->>>

Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls all had to change schools. ---->>>

I don't think you could change my father; he is a very strong character. He believes totally in honesty. ---->>>

I want somebody athletic, outgoing, at least two inches taller than I am, rugged, very outdoorsy, a leader, someone who would overpower me. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-06, 1957
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., United States
Occupation: Author

Susan Elizabeth Ford Bales (born July 6, 1957) is an American author, photojournalist, and former chair of the board of the Betty Ford Center for alcohol and drug abuse. (wikipedia)