Susan Ford short quotes

I never read 'The Cinderella Complex' - I'm too afraid that my name might be in it. ---->>>

I'll never throw away my blue jeans. ---->>>

When you're the only girl in a family of men, you have to be pretty sassy. ---->>>

Camp David is a wonderful place for the family to get away and run around and do goofy things. ---->>>

I'd love to sit down with Barbara Walters. She's always asking people about their personal lives. I'd like to see how she likes it. ---->>>

I'm not sure I ever would write a memoir. ---->>>

My husband is a Democrat, and I am a Republican, so our political ambitions are on opposite ends. ---->>>

Eventually, I want to finish my degree. ---->>>

I am criticized for getting jobs because of my name, but I only use it when I have to. ---->>>

I date guys who are five, 10, 15 years older than I am. ---->>>

I moved out eventually of the White House and moved into a townhouse with a group of girls while I was in college. ---->>>

My mother and I are very close; I guess you would call us 'best friends.' ---->>>

We all do make foolish mistakes. ---->>>

Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls all had to change schools. ---->>>

I don't think you could change my father; he is a very strong character. He believes totally in honesty. ---->>>

I want somebody athletic, outgoing, at least two inches taller than I am, rugged, very outdoorsy, a leader, someone who would overpower me. ---->>>

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