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I'm the anti indie-rocker. My stuff isn't ironic.

I'm the anti indie-rocker. My stuff isn't ironic.

I compose with bells a lot. Bells and breath. Both things you react to without thinking about it. Bells traditionally give us orders: come to the desk, the truck is backing up, the ice cream is here, it's time to go to church. They're sounds our brains are already associated with. ---->>>

I live in a neighborhood that's really filled with sound - there's a lot of Jamaican auto body shops, and the guys next door play hip hop. ---->>>

I was obsessed with the Beatles as a kid. ---->>>

In many ways I'm an experimental and new music composer that comes from a rural tradition rather than an urban one. ---->>>

The way I approach things is from an experimental folk music standpoint. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Musician

Gene "Sxip" Shirey (pronounced "skip") is an American electric-acoustic composer, performer, and story-teller. Currently based in New York City, he is known for working with found objects, traditional instruments, and computer and rare modified instruments. Shirey has released three solo albums, including Sonic New York in 2010 (wikipedia)