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I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway.

I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway.

Have you seen the roses? There's a whole lot of colours. ---->>>

I'm sorry I can't speak very coherently. ---->>>

I'm disappearing, avoiding most things. ---->>>

I'm treading the backward path. Mostly, I just waste my time. ---->>>

I'd like to be rich. I'd like a lot of money to put into my physicals and to buy food for all my friends. ---->>>

I think young people should have a lot of fun. But I never seem to have any. ---->>>

I never felt so close to a guitar as that silver one with mirrors that I used on stage all the time. ---->>>

I'm full of dust and guitars. ---->>>

I think it's good if a song has more than one meaning. Maybe that kind of song can reach far more people. ---->>>

I wasn't always this introverted. ---->>>

I like songs that are simple. ---->>>

A lot of people want to make films and do photography and things, but I'm quite happy doing what I'm doing. ---->>>

If I'd stayed at college I would have become a teacher. ---->>>

Fairy-tales are nice.

Fairy-tales are nice.

I do tend to take lines from other lines I like, and then write around them. ---->>>

When we parted I had written everything for the group. My leaving sort of evened things out within the group. ---->>>

The only work I've done the last two years is interviews. I'm very good at it. ---->>>

I've just had an operation, but nothing too serious. ---->>>

I don't really read a lot. Maybe I should. ---->>>

Living in Cambridge, with nature and everything, it's so clean. ---->>>

Getting used to the studio and everything was fun, we freaked about alot. I was working very hard then. ---->>>

It's always been too slow for me. Playing. The pace of things. I'm a fast sprinter. The trouble was, after playing in the group for a few months, I couldn't reach that point. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 01-06, 1946
Birthplace: in Cambridge, England, The United Kingdom
Die: 07-07, 2006
Occupation: Musician

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (6 January 1946 – 7 July 2006) was a British musician, composer, singer-songwriter, and painter. Best known as a founder member of the band Pink Floyd, Barrett was the lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter in its early years and is credited with naming the band. Barrett was excluded from Pink Floyd in April 1968 after David Gilmour took over as their new guitarist, and was briefly hospitalised amid speculation of mental illness (wikipedia)