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Because of my medical and ideological training, I am accustomed to saying that life is adaptation and symbiosis. ---->>>

It's not enough to have economic growth. You have to distribute wealth throughout all of society. ---->>>

Practicing medicine is not only my vocation, it gives me an opportunity to continue to be in direct contact with people, to see them and hear their needs. ---->>>

The decisions and problems of Uruguay will be resolved by Uruguayans. ---->>>

To me, politics is an extension of what I do in medicine. ---->>>

I invite you, from my sentiments, my convictions and my responsibilities, to work together in the construction of a Uruguay where being young is not suspicious, where aging is not a problem. ---->>>

I was fascinated by each area I studied, whether neurology, urology or surgery. ---->>>


Nationality: Uruguayan
Born: 01-17, 1940
Occupation: Statesman

Tabaré Ramón Vázquez Rosas (Spanish pronunciation: [taβaˈɾe raˈmon ˈbaskes ˈrosas]; born January 17, 1938) is a Uruguayan politician who has been President of Uruguay since 2015. He previously served as President from 2005 to 2010. A physician (oncologist) by training, he is a member of the leftist Frente Amplio coalition (Broad Front in English) (wikipedia)