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I kind of always took it for granted the fact that my parents were Olympic medalists. ---->>>

I raced locally for a year, went to Europe the year after and went to the Olympics the year after that. ---->>>

I would describe my dancing talents as incredibly deep. ---->>>

I'm not super social, don't really go to parties, or basketball games, or football games very often, the big social occasions. ---->>>

When I'm not training day in and day out I love to go out and dance, even though it is potentially in my contract that I'm not allowed to do that. ---->>>

It's cool to be in the paper every once in awhile and people read about you and they know who you are. ---->>>

There's a lot out there for me to learn that isn't in college, so I think it's fine for me if I don't go yet. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-27, 1990
Occupation: Athlete

Taylor Phinney (born June 27, 1990) is an American racing cyclist and rides professionally for UCI ProTeam Cannondale–Drapac. Phinney specializes in time trials as well as the individual pursuit on the track.(wikipedia)