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When a magician lets you notice something on your own, his lie becomes impenetrable. ---->>>

Nothing fools you better than the lie you tell yourself. ---->>>

As a kid, I was a Hitchcock lover; I cared about the dark side of things. ---->>>

Nobody who is a Penn & Teller fan thinks of us first and foremost as magicians, but as a comedy team. ---->>>

If you do something that you're proud of, that someone else understands, that is a thing of beauty that wasn't there before - you can't beat that. ---->>>

Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect. ---->>>

Magicians have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years. ---->>>

In real life, the most important decision you ever make is, where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? If you make a mistake about that, you're dead. You know, you're out on the street corner. You think there's no bus coming. You step out, you're dead. ---->>>

Indian street magic tends to be very gory, blood and guts. One trick is for a magician to take a knife and appear to cut his kid's head almost off. The magician then says to the crowd, 'Well I can continue to cut off my son's head or you can all give me some money.' Then he wanders around and takes 10 rupees from everyone and restores his son. ---->>>

Magic's about understanding - and then manipulating - how viewers digest the sensory information. ---->>>

I'm a lazy sod. ---->>>

I'm more apt to cry at something beautiful than at something sad. ---->>>

Magic is an art form where you lie and tell people you are lying. ---->>>

Doing beautiful things is its own reward. ---->>>

Generally, magicians don't know what to say, so they say stupid and redundant crap like, 'Here I am holding a red ball.' ---->>>

Given my absolute druthers, I would certainly like to see that every part of my body is used for spare parts for science. ---->>>

I believe in art. ---->>>

If there isn't at least the threat of violence in art, it tends to be kind of tiresome. ---->>>

Neuroscientists are novices at deception. ---->>>

Onstage, I find absolutely nothing but exhilaration in not talking. ---->>>

People take reality for granted. ---->>>

Reality seems so simple. We just open our eyes and there it is. But that doesn't mean it is simple. ---->>>

The place we want to explore unpleasantness in the real world is in art. ---->>>

Every time you perform a magic trick, you're engaging in experimental psychology. If the audience asks, 'How the hell did he do that?' then the experiment was successful. ---->>>

People come up to me on the street and make some little joke - like they'll say, 'Excuse me, sir, what time is it?' And I'll say, you know, '5:15,' and they'll say, 'Hey! Made you talk!' And that's merely a way of saying, 'I know your work and I like you.' ---->>>

Comedically, unpleasantness is great fun. ---->>>

I always assumed I'd spend my life happily performing in artsy-fartsy little theaters. ---->>>

If you read Shakespeare's stage directions, all the gore and violence is right in there. ---->>>

In America, magic has never been an important part of peoples' lives. ---->>>

The Boy Scouts of America is no longer entirely what people think it is. Essentially, it has been hijacked by religious conservatives. ---->>>

To most people who have a point of view, merely being on TV is an intrinsic good. ---->>>

People do not come to a Penn & Teller show to see a magic show. They just don't. They come to see weird stuff that they can see no place else, that will make them laugh and make the little hairs stand up on the backs of their necks. ---->>>

The silent thing onstage allows for a kind of intimacy that no conversation can have. If I just shut up, we're forced to look at each other and really confront that moment. ---->>>


Name: Teller
Nationality: American
Born: 02-14, 1948
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Occupation: Entertainer

Teller (born Raymond Joseph Teller; February 14, 1948) is an American magician, illusionist, actor, comedian, writer, director and half of the comedy magic duo Penn & Teller, along with Penn Jillette. Teller usually does not speak during performances. He is an atheist, debunker, skeptic, and a fellow of the Cato Institute (a free market libertarian think tank that also lists Jillette as a fellow), an organization which is featured prominently in the duo's Showtime television series Bullshit! (wikipedia)