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A hero can only be as good as the bad guy. ---->>>

I got to know Australians well working on the 'Mad Max' franchise with director George Miller. ---->>>

I used to be a journalist. ---->>>

I've always had a great affection for espionage stories. I like weaving them, and I like thrillers. ---->>>

It doesn't take much to get a high profile in Australia. ---->>>

Movies are a team sport now, and I want to play singles. ---->>>

On a deeper level, I think many stories - especially thrillers - can be a journey to the heart of darkness. ---->>>

The natural milieu I inhabit is more in epic storytelling. ---->>>

The problem with movies is you are over-rewarded for the work you do. It's hard to give up, and I got used to a certain lifestyle. ---->>>

We all have to take responsibility for what we say and do. ---->>>

When I was 10, my father had to go to the local library to sign a release form stating that I was allowed to borrow books from the adult section. ---->>>

When I was a kid, I went through the whole process of reading great literature and trying to be very widely read. ---->>>

I have nothing but praise for J. K. Rowling. Her contribution - apart from the books themselves, obviously - is showing writers how to interact with the 21st Century. ---->>>

I think I can speak with a degree of authority... today, the biggest driving force of movies is pace; God help you if you try to put in a scene that is about character and not plot. ---->>>

I went to Australia from England when I was right at that age when you learn to read. It's a very confronting thing, traveling halfway around the world and having a mother who was deeply unhappy at ending up in Australia, so you look for some way to find comfort, I guess, and I found it in books. ---->>>

I've read and traveled a lot in the Middle East, and I built on eyewitness accounts of horrific executions that would shape a boy's character and beliefs if he watched his father die that way. These are the stuff of which nightmares are made. ---->>>

Movie studios could learn a thing or two from British publishers. There is an intelligence, and a respect for writers; things that you hope for and never get in Hollywood. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 10-08, 1951
Occupation: Writer

Terry Hayes (born 8 October 1951) is an English-born Australian screenwriter, producer and author best known for his work with the Kennedy Miller film production house.(wikipedia)