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We have no right to luxuries while the poor want bread. ---->>>

In the western part of England lived a gentleman of large fortune, whose name was Merton. ---->>>

But let us not too hastily triumph in the shame of Sparta, lest we aggravate our own condemnation. ---->>>

When a benevolent mind contemplates the republic of Lycurgus, its admiration is mixed with a degree of horror. ---->>>

But what has America to boast? What are the graces or the virtues which distinguish its inhabitants? What are their triumphs in war, or their inventions in peace? ---->>>

The trifle now inscribed with your name. was occasioned by a particular fact; but to the disgrace of human nature, the subject is sufficiently general to interest every heart not totally impenetrable. ---->>>

I wil not compare the education of an ancient Spartan with that of a British nobleman. ---->>>

But let her remember, that it is in Britain alone, that laws are equally favourable to liberty and humanity; that it is in Britain the sacred rights of nature have received their most awful ratification. ---->>>


Thomas Day profile (thomas-day.jpg)
Nationality: British
Born: June 22, 1748
Die: September 28, 1789
Occupation: Author

Thomas Day (22 June 1748 – 28 September 1789) was a British author and abolitionist. He was well known for the book The History of Sandford and Merton (1783–1789) which emphasized Rousseauvian educational ideals.(wikipedia)