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Quite casually I wander into my plot, poke around with my characters for a while, then amble off, leaving no moral proved and no reader improved. ---->>>

Without so much as turning a hair I freely admit that I am one of America's greatest realists. ---->>>

Like life itself my stories have no point and get absolutely nowhere. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: March 27, 1892
Die: 06-21, 1934
Occupation: Writer

James Thorne Smith, Jr. (March 27, 1892 – June 21, 1934) was an American writer of humorous supernatural fantasy fiction under the byline Thorne Smith. He is best known today for the two Topper novels, comic fantasy fiction involving sex, much drinking and supernatural transformations. With racy illustrations, these sold millions of copies in the 1930s and were equally popular in paperbacks of the 1950s (wikipedia)