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I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring.

I think every person has their own identity and beauty. Everyone being different is what is really beautiful. If we were all the same, it would be boring.

It's not the '90s anymore. I think the gay community is a lot more accepted these days. ---->>>

On a daily basis, jeans and t-shirt is still sexy, but it doesn't look like you're trying too hard. ---->>>

When somebody says something bad about you, they feel bad about themselves in some way. ---->>>

I've found my calling with Twitter. It's all about the amount of interaction you do, and the traffic you move, and I'm really good at that. I keep going and going and going, and no one can believe that I can keep it up. ---->>>

Music is just a really fun hobby that I do, because I'm actually really good about writing songs and producing. People don't realize this, but I am an excellent writer for artists. ---->>>

You don't want to be in a relationship with someone who's scared of you. ---->>>

I do whatever my heart tells me to do. ---->>>

This is so cliche, but my beauty icon would have to be Angelina Jolie. She looks like she wears natural makeup, but she's still beautiful. ---->>>

As long as I'm not hurting anybody, I don't think that anything I do is wrong. ---->>>

I just sit around at home, and I have nothing to do, so I am on the Internet all the time. ---->>>

I'm not about hurting the person I'm with. ---->>>

When I was still in high school I knew I wanted to live in California. ---->>>

Whoever I'm with, that's the person I'm with. That's the way I'm wired. ---->>>

You can't have a conversation with someone who's intimidated by you all the time. ---->>>

I joined MySpace in September 2003. At that time no one was on there at all. I felt like a loser while all the cool kids were at some other school. So I mass e-mailed between 30,000 and 50,000 people and told them to come over. Everybody joined overnight. ---->>>

I don't want any dog to be put down. ---->>>

I knew out of high school I didn't want to go to college. I knew what whatever I did wouldn't have anything to do with college. ---->>>

I'm a woman, so I'm going to be woman as much as I can. ---->>>

I'm one of the girls that you would love to have in your group of friends. ---->>>

I've learned that no matter what I do, people are going to have their opinions. ---->>>

My fans and people who know of my character want to see me become more successful. ---->>>

When people talk about someone you have preconceived judgments. ---->>>

I mean, the media and bloggers may say otherwise, but in reality I have a lot of fans because I'm the only celebrity that actually takes time out to call them and talk to them. I don't think a lot of celebrities do that. ---->>>

There aren't that many songs that pay homage to the DJ. They are the ones getting artists' music out there. They are the ones getting the club popping. But no one's giving them any love. ---->>>

When I started on MySpace, people wanted to support me, but once I rose to fame with the MTV show, they felt like I had abandoned them for some reason, that I was too famous to talk to them anymore. ---->>>


Nationality: Singaporean
Born: 10-24, 1981
Birthplace: Singapore
Occupation: Celebrity

Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen (born October 24, 1981), better known by her stage names Tila Tequila, Tila Nguyen and Miss Tila, is an American television and social media personality. She first gained recognition for her active presence on social networking websites. After becoming the most popular person on Myspace, Tequila was offered to star in her own reality television series (wikipedia)