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I get approached to do a lot of commissioned art. Sometimes I do it, but I usually don't, given the day job and everything I've sort of got going on. I'm really passionate about it; there's not that much time left over for the other commissioned projects. ---->>>

I ended up reading comics and just started drawing at a very young age. By high school, I was putting together longer stories. In college, I started doing strips for the newspaper and doing mini-comics. It sort of grew in scope and scale over time. ---->>>

I really started self-publishing on a serious level in 2002. Those smaller books did well, ended up moving from doing a series to compiling everything into a trade paperback in about 2005. ---->>>

I'm very much influenced by your traditional comic book artists like Jack Kirby, Alex Toth and Walter Simonson. Their styles were sort of what I was gravitating towards. ---->>>


Name: Tim Fish
Nationality: Angolan
Born: 04-16, 1970
Occupation: Artist

Tim Fish (born 1970) is a comic book author and artist, known for the comics Arche-Lady, Cavalcade of Boys, the webcomic anthology Young Bottoms in Love, as well as books for Marvel Comics such as I (heart) Marvel: My Mutant Heart and a Iron Man and Nation X.(wikipedia)