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Horror is about dreams and heightened states. It really is about taking away the logic on some level and getting right to the emotion of something. ---->>>

I grew up making films and always thought that's what I wanted to do. ---->>>

I don't want to be one of those 'hour' guys who is all bitter about reality TV. It's as viable as any other genre - when it's great, it's great. However! Reality does a certain thing. It burns quickly, brightly, and then it burns out. You can't repeat them. ---->>>

The truth is that sometimes art may not exactly reflect one's personal politics, but the story, the drama, the thing you're trying to say, might want to go in a certain direction, and while it may seem like it has resonance with things that are happening topically, you kind of want the world you're creating to have its own internal logic. ---->>>


Tim Minear profile (tim-minear.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 10-29, 1963
Birthplace: New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Director

Timothy "Tim" P. Minear (/maɪˈniːr/) (born October 29, 1963) is an American screenwriter and director. He has been nominated for two Emmy Awards (2013, 2014) for his role as an executive producer on American Horror Story.(wikipedia)