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You should never get nervous about anything. What today seems important tomorrow isn't so any more. ---->>>

Coming from bad results, you have more tension and you get more into the game, maybe. You never know which is best. I prefer to come from good results. You have more confidence and you believe you are doing things well. But in football everything can change very quickly. ---->>>


Nationality: Spanish
Born: 09-17, 1968
Die: 2014-04-25
Occupation: Athlete

Francesc "Tito" Vilanova Bayó (17 September 1968 – 25 April 2014) was a Spanish professional football central midfielder and manager. After a professional career which consisted of 26 La Liga games in three seasons combined, all with Celta, he went on to work with Barcelona as an assistant coach under Pep Guardiola, being part of the squads that won 14 titles (wikipedia)