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Generally, Iowans are Iowans no matter where you go. There are some different issues in Des Moines than in the real rural areas. But I haven't seen any real difference outside of just local issues. ---->>>

I listen. I meet with everybody, I don't care what their political persuasion is - whether it be a labor union or small-business folks or individuals who have problems. But I meet with everybody and listen. ---->>>

I think that person who actually proposes things, who will save Medicare, will be in a lot stronger position than someone who demagogues the issue. ---->>>

It is never a perfect time or a right time to step aside. But for me, this is the time. I want to share with you my decision that I will not be a candidate for any office in November of 2014. ---->>>

My first district was Northwest Iowa. In 2002, it became North Central Iowa hooking around Des Moines down to the south, clear up to the northeast corner of the state. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-14, 1948
Occupation: Politician