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I'm not happy if other people aren't enjoying themselves, so I try to lighten the mood as much as I can.

I'm not happy if other people aren't enjoying themselves, so I try to lighten the mood as much as I can.

Jessica Rabbit! People wouldn't call her the most beautiful person in Hollywood, but I find her quirkiness and talent very attractive. ---->>>

I look cooking! Particularly pad thai. ---->>>

I've always wanted to do pieces that have an integral sense of realism and aren't just there for titillation. ---->>>

We all have dark sides to ourselves, and I want to portray that in a realistic way. ---->>>

I feel quite grounded, which is great. ---->>>

You always like to learn from people as a young actor. I think every young actor says that, but it's true. ---->>>

I'm a big fan of 'National Geographic', the magazine and the channel. Anything to do with the natural world. For years, when I was younger, I was convinced I would be a nature photographer, but that didn't pan out. ---->>>

If I book a table at a pub, or I've got an appointment at an optician's or something, I'll walk in and I'll say, 'This is Tom Jones here,' And they'll go 'Awww, I thought it was gonna be him.' They think it's gonna be the real guy. I've been ridiculed a lot throughout my life for it. ---->>>

I did tap dancing and stuff like that at drama school. I did ballet as well. My dance teacher and I didn't necessarily get along all that well sometimes. She's brilliant... but it's just because I don't like wearing tights that I put up a bit of a fight there, I think. ---->>>

Hollywood itself is a little intimidating and exciting. There's definitely a way to go about approaching it. ---->>>

I know certain actors who have done very well. They are still down to earth. ---->>>

If I'm doing a scene that requires a lot of focus, I'll just take myself away and do what I have to do. ---->>>

I see a film or a TV series or a play as being this machine. It sounds quite robotic, in its description, but it's basically a machine and you're just one of the cogs that goes in it. You're not the biggest one, and you're not the smallest one. Everyone's the same size. ---->>>

It's something I'd find rather distracting in a historical piece, looking at characters that have obviously just gotten off their Ab Blaster. You see a piece set in the 1300s or the 1800s, and you've got characters who have perfect abs and are incredibly well-groomed, not a hair out of place, and it just doesn't make sense. ---->>>

All in all, I'd like to venture into film. Films are my staple diet, so I would love to be part of a feature film, independent film... it all just depends on the story and the people behind it, really. ---->>>

I really don't feel it's necessary, as an actor, to make people feel uncomfortable, just because you need to be in a certain headspace. So, I do take myself away and do my own work and hunker down. ---->>>

Making a series can sometimes feel like you're keeping a secret for months until it comes out; so when it finalizes in front of you, if you like the final product, it can be very exciting. ---->>>

The 'Weston' is actually my middle name. I hyphenated it because I really wasn't willing to go out in the acting world as 'Tom Jones,' 'cause I'm Welsh as well, so the connotation is just ridiculous. ---->>>

You know that something is really well written when you have to think so little about the words that are coming out of your mouth, and you're able to dwell in your own headspace to get there. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 07-29, 1987
Birthplace: Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Actor

Tom Weston-Jones (born 29 June 1987) is an English actor, known for his role in Copper.(wikipedia)