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Well, The Day the Earth Caught Fire was a story... I don't if anybody knows what it is but it was about... in the early days of testing nuclear bombs, that Russia and America happened to test a nuclear bomb at the same moment at different ends of the earth. ---->>>

I wrote Murder at the Windmill. And it was accepted and we made it and it was the first film I made with Danny Angel, well the only film I actually made... I made a lot of it at the Windmill itself. ---->>>

And then she finally said yes. And we have been married, I want you to know, for 51 years. ---->>>

No, we didn't shoot... in the ones that I did there were hardly any sex... there were suggestions of sex scenes but we never actually shot a sex scene as such. ---->>>

Now, I'll tell you something that might interest you. Casino Royale was the first Bond book that Ian Fleming ever wrote. And he couldn't get anybody to touch it, to publish it - he couldn't do anything about it at all. Nobody wanted to know. ---->>>

I used to write bits and pieces of comedy material for various comics that were at the Windmill... as well as my film job, I was under contract, I was allowed to do that and everything. ---->>>

And he said that he wrote the Bond character based on the character of David Niven. That's how he saw Bond. ---->>>

I don't know how we had about eighteen international stars in it, all playing James Bond. ---->>>

I had a terrible job letting me do anything that wasn't comedy. ---->>>

Oh, yes, we were on location with Another Man's Poison, which I wrote for Bette Davis. ---->>>

We worked solidly for a long time together. George Marriott Edgar and myself. ---->>>

Yes, The Persuaders, that was great fun because one of my favourite actors is Roger Moore. ---->>>

At those times I got into... I suppose you call it a rut. I used to do comedy, comedy, comedy and I suddenly thought I ought to break away from this somehow. ---->>>

Well, yes, as I was a rather bad actor then and I wasn't making enough money, I thought, to make enough money to not make money as an actor, I'd better do some writing. ---->>>


Name: Val Guest
Nationality: British
Born: 12-11, 1911
Birthplace: Maida Vale, London, England
Die: 05-10, 2006
Occupation: Director

Valmond Maurice "Val" Guest (11 December 1911 – 10 May 2006) was an English film director and screenwriter. Beginning as a writer (and later director) of comedy films, he is best known for his work for Hammer, for whom he directed 14 films, and science fiction films. He enjoyed a long career in the film industry from the early 1930s until the early 1980s (wikipedia)