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We plan to spend 20 billion lari ($12 billion) from the budget in the next four years on implementation of all tasks presented in our new programme. ---->>>

I think there are three main values which are fundamental: that Georgia will never be a criminal country, that Georgia will never return to corruption, and that Georgia will be independent. ---->>>

There is no chance of a revolution in Georgia. ---->>>

My position does not give me the liberty to exclude anything, but my mood tells me there will not be violence. ---->>>

If there is no threat to the lives of the citizens, our tactic will be to not intervene or impede members of the protest in expressing their will freely. ---->>>


Born: 04-15, 1968
Occupation: Politician

Ivane "Vano" Merabishvili (Georgian: ივანე "ვანო" მერაბიშვილი; born 15 April 1968) is a Georgian politician and former Prime Minister of Georgia from 4 July to 25 October 2012. A former NGO activist, he became directly involved in Georgia's politics in 1999 and emerged as one of the government's most influential members after the 2003 Rose Revolution, especially as Georgia's Minister of Internal Affairs (18 December 2004–4 July 2012) (wikipedia)