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Migration - whether emigration or return - at the micro level is an individual choice, and government both at the Centre and the states have role only to facilitate the decision of the individuals. ---->>>

The government plans to bring in a new science, technology and innovation policy in 2013. ---->>>

Our policy is not to discourage the private sector, but to see that Air India plays the role of flagship in the industry. In the transport sector, Air India is the 'fate of India' and all efforts will be made to restore its past glory. ---->>>

Out of the 1.2 billion people in India, one-third of them are between the age of 1-14 and by 2030, India will have a dynamic and youthful workforce of about 700 million with an average age of 35. This is expected to constitute a substantial proportion of world's workforce. ---->>>

As per the age-old Customs and Central Excise Rules 1967, a person is allowed to carry only Rs 20,000 worth of gold. ---->>>

The constitution is itself the product of the freedom struggle. ---->>>


Vayalar Ravi profile (vayalar-ravi.jpg)
Nationality: Indian
Born: 06-04, 1937
Occupation: Politician

Vayalar Ravi (born 4 June 1937) is an Indian politician, who served as the Union Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs from 2006 to 2014. He is a member of the Rajya Sabha.(wikipedia)