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It's very strange that you condemn me as a terrorist at the same time as you call on me to help you combat terrorism in Iraq and elsewhere. It doesn't make sense! ---->>>

If a close ally of Iran like Syria went to Iran and said, 'This peace is in our interest,' what do you think would they do? I can tell you they have never opposed any of our peace moves since 1991. ---->>>

In principle... no government in the world can accept an armed terrorist group, some of them coming from abroad, controlling streets and villages in the name of 'jihad'. ---->>>

I think Hillary Clinton is a good and effective secretary of state. ---->>>


Nationality: Syrian
Born: 01-13, 1941
Occupation: Diplomat

Walid Mohi Edine al Muallem (Arabic: وليد محيي الدين المعلم‎‎; born 13 January 1941) is a Syrian diplomat and Ba'ath Party member who has served as Foreign Minister since 21 February 2006. (wikipedia)