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Sometimes it just means flying from Bogota to New York via Amsterdam to have a day with your kids. When we spend time with them, I think we do our utmost best to be really with them - on vacations or during weekends or even at breakfast in the morning. ---->>>

I want to be a traditional king first and foremost, building on the tradition of my predecessors standing for continuity and stability in this country, but also a 21st-century king who can unite, represent and encourage society. ---->>>

I'm not a protocol fetishist. It's more important to me that people feel at ease when I'm with them. ---->>>

Here in the Netherlands there are towns that take part in the throwing of toilet bowls for a laugh. ---->>>

One has to divide attention between having kids and a full workload. ---->>>


Nationality: Dutch
Born: 04-27, 1967
Occupation: Royalty