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The assets you want to buy are the ones people have to sell. ---->>>

I want to give away the money. I don't want to die with it. I want the money to be used well. ---->>>

I'm the luckiest guy in the world, and I am going to give away every penny before I die. ---->>>

If everybody who was in the Forbes 400 said they were going to create 10,000 jobs, by my mathematics, that would be 4 million jobs. ---->>>

If I'm going to create 1,000 jobs, or 10,000 jobs, or whatever the number is, wouldn't we all be better off? ---->>>

More effective than giving away half my fortune before I die is finding a way to help people have a good-paying job. ---->>>

There is no reason, in the capital city of the richest country in the world, for anybody to be hungry. ---->>>

Until a person has a home, they are always going to be dependent upon the system. ---->>>

Generally, I have a strong interest in trying to help people who are maybe not as lucky as I am. I've been well rewarded in this world. I'm more worried about the next one. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-27, 1949
Occupation: Businessman