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I write novels with a lawyer as the hero, no matter how oxymoronic that might sound. ---->>>

A sense of place is very important in writing. ---->>>

I like to think I'm writing in the tradition of Raymond Chandler, although I don't ape his style. ---->>>

I'm going to book-and-author dinners, and I'm the author! ---->>>

In fiction, the reader will make jumps with you. If you can make the reader make that leap with you, it's a thrilling moment for everyone. ---->>>

When I write legally, I try to write very plain, very vanilla, very clear. ---->>>

I don't trust novels with points, do you? If a novel is only about a point, the writer should just say it in as few words as possible so we can take it in and go back to watching 'The Bachelor' on television. ---->>>

I try to write stories that are thrilling and full of mystery and funny all at the same time, stories that raise moral questions but come up with very few moral answers, stories that emotionally touch readers through the characters. ---->>>

People read legal writing differently. When you're at the crux of a legal argument, every step is a step in the argument. The judge will see any holes. If you do that in fiction, it's too long and boring. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Novelist

William Lashner (born 1956), is an American novelist who formerly worked as a trial lawyer. He is a graduate of NYU School of Law and the Iowa Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa. He has served as trial attorney in the Criminal Division of the United States Justice Department. He lives with his family outside of Philadelphia, PA (wikipedia)