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Ignorance is pitiful! If you are ignorant and stupid, you are sick - white, black, green, I don't care. ---->>>

I was branded a Negro in the States and had to act accordingly. They wouldn't even give me a chance in the big leagues because I was a Negro, yet they accepted every other nationality under the sun. ---->>>

One of the main reasons I came back to Mexico is because I've found freedom and democracy here, something I never found in the United States. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-10, 1906
Die: 01-22, 1989
Occupation: Athlete

Willie James Wells (August 10, 1906 – January 22, 1989), nicknamed "The Devil," was an American baseball player. He was a shortstop who played from 1924-48 for various teams in the Negro leagues and in Latin America. Wells was a fast baserunner who hit for both power and average. He was at his finest with his glove, committing almost no errors and having the speed to run down anything that came in his direction (wikipedia)