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I have to have some kind of creative outlet; otherwise, I'm hell to be around.

I have to have some kind of creative outlet; otherwise, I'm hell to be around.

I think the last album I bought was a very beautiful album called 'Lost Wisdom' by Mount Eerie featuring Julie Doiron, and I bought it direct from Phil Elverum via his website. It's cool you can do that now with the Internet. ---->>>

I would describe my songs as just a collection of my thoughts, with melodies that probably occurred to me in the grocery store or cycling home, sung as best I can over a bunch of chords. ---->>>

When I became a parent and hit my thirties, I got my hands on an acoustic guitar. I started writing quiet, simple songs at home and, with a little encouragement, I got more courage and found my voice. I have people and movements who have inspired me to carry on, but I try to write about things I know, nothing too complicated, really. ---->>>

I grew up listening to Teenage Fanclub and Eugenius. Scottish music cast a huge influence on me. ---->>>

My favourite place is at home with my family. My career is really raising my children. I'm still waiting for clarity on the future. ---->>>

Although I didn't set out to run my own label, I found it made sense quite quickly. I can say what I want and dance to my own tune, even if sometimes it's like nobody is listening. The trade-off is you stay 'cult' and resign yourself to a very modest level of what most people would call success. ---->>>

I can get a tune out of most things with strings, but I'm not really sure I'm what could be called a musician. I find it fascinating working with people who can play other instruments and sing. ---->>>

I had a kind of artrock band called Peanut for a while, which eventually helped me over my fear of singing. That was a big step for me. I never dreamed I could sing songs in front of people. ---->>>


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Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Musician

Dan Willson, better known by his stage name Withered Hand, is a Scottish indie rock musician. His first studio album, Good News, was released in 2009 in Scotland, and was re-released on 15 March 2011 on Absolutely Kosher Records in the United States. His new album, entitled New Gods, was released in March 2014 through Fortuna Pop Records in the UK and Slumberland Records in the USA (wikipedia)