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So they didn't let anybody else off. I can't live like this, I'm finished. Auschwitz was easy. ---->>>

During the first 3 years at Auschwitz, 2 million people died; over the next 2 years - 3 million. ---->>>

I carried out my orders until arrested. I had no sense that I was spying, and I ask that this be taken into account in deciding my verdict. ---->>>


Witold Pilecki profile (witold-pilecki.jpg)
Nationality: Polish
Born: May 13, 1901
Die: 05-25, 1948
Occupation: Soldier

Witold Pilecki (13 May 1901 – 25 May 1948; Polish pronunciation: [ˈvitɔlt piˈlɛt͡skʲi]; codenames Roman Jezierski, Tomasz Serafiński, Druh, Witold) was a Polish cavalryman and intelligence officer. He served as a rittmeister with the Polish Army during the Second Polish Republic and World War II (wikipedia)