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I love a man who can wear my underwear.

I love a man who can wear my underwear.

They told me I gave the best milk mustache of anybody. ---->>>

I don't think men like a bad girl. Well, I haven't had a date in a year so I'm obviously doing something wrong. It's not that my standards are too high, I haven't even been asked out in a year. I have no standards, anyone, please! ---->>>

Whenever women catfight, men think it's going to turn to sex. ---->>>

When I'm out with my girlfriends at the bar, and I see some young 18-year old boy, just for fun I say, 'Hi honey. Do you like girls? Do you like girls exclusively? Oh, good.' ---->>>

Does being a feminist mean that I believe that I'm as good as any man? Yes. ---->>>

As an actor you're used to being the focus of attention. ---->>>

Guys usually know immediately that I'm high-maintenance. ---->>>

No one's ever happy with their position in Hollywood. You hear that from people you'd never dream would complain. ---->>>

This is my ultimate fantasy: watching QVC with a credit card while making love and eating at the same time. ---->>>


Born: 06-14, 1968
Birthplace: New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Actress

Yasmine Amanda Bleeth (born June 14, 1968) is an American former actress. Her television roles include Caroline Holden in the long-running series Baywatch and Lee Anne Demerest on the soap opera One Life to Live. She has body measurements of 36-24-35 (Breast-Waist-Hip). (wikipedia)