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I wasn't born with a golden spoon in my mouth. It was a really tough life. ---->>>

My philosophy is to be me. ---->>>

When my coach gives me a program, I damage it. ---->>>

When you guys are sleeping at night, I am out there working. ---->>>

The track is fast and I appreciate anything is possible. ---->>>

Cricket is my first love. ---->>>

I don't need to scare the other athletes. When I'm running, I will scare them. ---->>>

I love London, I love the British people. ---->>>

I'm like a beast. I just take it out on the track. ---->>>

If you can come to the Olympic Games and leave with a medal then that is alright. ---->>>

Some you win some you lose. ---->>>

I've always been working just to be a world champion and it's a dream come true. ---->>>

For me, I always try to make it to the final. ---->>>

I work twice as hard as everybody else. ---->>>

I would like to be a legend, everyone wants to be a legend. ---->>>

It's nerve wracking being in the stadium with so many people supporting. ---->>>

The 100m taught me a lot and it's given me confidence. ---->>>

One thing I really hate is experience. Experience for me doesn't work. Everybody's talking about experience this, experience that. ---->>>


Nationality: Jamaican
Born: 12-26, 1989
Birthplace: St. James, Jamaica
Occupation: Athlete

Yohan Blake (born 26 December 1989), is a Jamaican sprinter of the 100-metre and 200-metre sprint races. He won gold at the 100 m at the 2011 World Championships as the youngest 100 m world champion ever, and a silver medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in London in the 100 m and 200 m races for the Jamaican team (wikipedia)