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Too many people dwell on the past: the thing is to get on with life. ---->>>

I grew up with music very much in my life. I achieved success by combining my training as an accountant with my family upbringing and love of music. ---->>>

My paternal grandfather Rustom Mehta had a huge influence on me because of his ethics and his values. ---->>>

I think in all cultural organizations there has to be renewal. I'm also of a certain age that someone new can come in with a breath of fresh air. Things change, and I think that's important. ---->>>

I would still like to own and run a restaurant serving Indian food with a good dollop of Parsi cooking - which you can't seem to get anywhere. ---->>>

Accountancy prepares one to be able to run very different kinds of businesses, and my background prepared me for the music. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-28, 1938
Occupation: Public Servant