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Best Buy is just too Western! They do not stock enough Chinese brands, and Chinese people do not want to buy foreign brands. ---->>>

Best Buy went and hired a lot of Shanghai staff, but went and westernised them. They only work eight hours a day! ---->>>

China has the best opportunities. A domestic market with 1.3bn people will help create more Fortune 500 retailers. ---->>>

Suning Appliance has no problem of financial risk. Do you think I'm risky? I'm definitely not risky. ---->>>

Suning from a management concept and technology point of view isn't simply an appliance company. ---->>>

When I started selling air conditioners early on, customers were willing to pay an extra 200 yuan to buy from Suning. Why? Service was good. ---->>>

In business, every phase of things counts. Companies that just yell out a low price today to win business aren't going to make money in the long term. ---->>>

We don't believe the market can be dominated by one company in e-commerce in China - namely Alibaba. The Chinese market is very wide and deep, with a huge population. ---->>>


Nationality: Chinese
Born: 06-21, 1963
Birthplace: Anhui, China
Occupation: Businessman

Zhang Jindong (born 1963), is a Chinese entrepreneur. He is one the founder and current largest shareholder of the Suning Commerce Group, headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He also owned 100% stake in Suning Holdings Group, 65% stake in Suning Real Estate as well as 48.1% stake in Suning Appliance Group as the second largest shareholder (wikipedia)