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At his direction, I have taken command as the temporary Head of the Republic. ---->>>

We shall fight to the last to free our Motherland. ---->>>


Ziaur Rahman profile (ziaur-rahman.jpg)
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Born: 01-19, 1936
Die: 05-30, 1981
Occupation: Politician

Ziaur Rahman (Bengali: জিয়াউর রহমান Ji-yaur Rôhman; 19 January 1936 – 30 May 1981) was a Bangladeshi politician and army general who declared the Independence of Bangladesh on behalf of its first interim head of state Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He later served as the 7th President of Bangladesh from 21 April 1977 until his assassination on 30 May 1981 (wikipedia)